Our phones.

Two in case you haven’t noticed[s]. I have a LOT of odds and ends posts that I’ve been saving, haven’t gotten around too, or have been otherwise held up on and am getting to them in fits and bursts. Is that a saying? I recently uploaded pics from both Tony’s phone and mine. Like, aRead more

Meet the Carrolls.

*sigh* I feel like the last week has been so busy. Or at least free time has been lacking. Welcome to motherhood I guess! Ali has continued her insatiability…and coupled it with hours of crankiness for a number of days. Most notably was Monday and Tuesday, when Tony’s family from Iowa came out to visitRead more

Grandma and Grampa, Aunt Trista and Alyssa.

Friday night my parents and sisters came up to visit….and, mostly, see the baby. My mom and Alyssa (fourteen-year-old) hadn’t seen Ali since she was two days old, my dad and Trista (seventeen-year-old) had yet to see her. Friday was a really strange day, Ali was awake from four or so in the afternoon untilRead more

“How far along are you?”

Long time no post. We’ve been busy this week. Tuesday I had a dermotologist appointment in downtown Seattle. Tony and Ali came along. It’s been about five weeks since I’d been last (I’m in the process of getting a scar on my chin injected to flatten it), so I was very pregnant at the lastRead more

BBQ at Grand-mere’s.

Friday night we went to Billie’s house for an amazing brisket Susie’s husband, Steve, slaved away making for, like, twenty-four hours. This was Ali’s first visit to her grand-mere’s. She was unusually awake and active throughout, feeding twice without drifting off (more or less unheard of). Ugh, I feel bad about my lack of writingRead more