Months that is. Today. My baby is basically one year old. I cannot believe a year has gone by already. Or, eleven-twelfths of it. Gah. Yesterday the weather was nice when we woke up. Ali had a blowout, like, first thing so she came out of her bedroom in the morning dressed (usually it’s pottyRead more

Sleeping arrangements.

Since we spent two weeks away from home (we returned at the beginning of April) I have spent all but three nights sleeping on the trundle in Ali’s room. With Ali. The first time we reverted back to our old way was the night of Mother’s Day when Ali was really sick. And then theRead more

Some random, some purpose.

First, the odds and ends. Happy Birthday to my mom! And for the birthdays that slipped through my fingers…to my dad on the 6th of this month and my baby sister Alyssa on the 25th of April.  Happy [belated] Birthday to you two as well. Another product of our recent indoor time has been aRead more

Sticking around.

This sickness that is. Ali got warm last night. I didn’t take her temp but gave her meds when she woke up about midnight. Yesterday, as a whole, was quite odd. She/we slept in until 8:30-9am, then she took a long nap (hour to and hour and a half) until noon. Then another nap justRead more

Not blogging.

I have not been blogging. As you may have noticed. For a variety of reasons. I am currently spending way to much time READING a blog. I’m consumed. Ali is sick again. On the mend I think but that runny nose was struggling her real bad for awhile. She even had her first throw upRead more

She seems to be getting so big lately.

We are all still recovering around here. It’s been a busy, crazy, and stressful few weeks. We lost our county by 31 votes. Which is basically 16 undecideds.  While heartbreaking, it is really a victory considering  we are in one of the poorest, whitest counties in the state. Typical Clinton demographics. Anyway, anyway. We areRead more