A DIY Answer to the Dress-up Storage Question.

Our lucky little girls (M will surely inherit her big sister’s legacy) have quite a dress-up stash. When we moved into this house two years ago, Dot began accruing dress-up dresses. First, a Sleeping Beauty get-up as a Christmas gift at two-year-old, then a fancy Cinderella one, on sale from the Disney store for Valentine’sRead more

My First Ever New Year’s Resolutions.

Twenty-twelve. Welcome 🙂 I’ve never been one to do the resolution thing. Which is not to say I don’t make changes in my life; I think I tend to be more gradual and less, well…organized this time of year. Last year I made a late resolution to begin keeping a calendar (and a digital oneRead more

2011: The Year in Review.

This holiday season I spent the better part of a week custom designing calendars for some of our family as gifts. I also did photo books for each girl. That amounts to a lot of time spent sifting through photos from the past year. In 2011 I added approximately 11,500 photos to my iPhoto library.Read more

Busty: husband, partner, baby-daddy, friend.

There aren’t really words enough to articulate my thanks for Tony. As I type this he is out flushing the antifreeze from my undriveable-for-fear-of-that-clunking-noise car (reliable, what?). Oh, yeah, he also got up at 4am to go Black Friday shopping with me. Again. And he liked it 😉 Yesterday we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at ourRead more

The Things I Take For Granted.

This post somewhat echoes the sentiment of being thankful for reliable transportation. This morning, when I left the house with maybe a minute to spare (5:50am, headed to a workout), the garage door stopped halfway shut. And crooked. And it stayed that way. Shit. It was still crooked–and stuck–when I got home just over anRead more