More birthday festivities and a trip to the zoo.

At this point it seems like forever ago, but just afew short weeks ago we were at my parents’ house. We got there on July 16th (I know because the reason for our visit was my getting a wisdom tooth pulled). When we left their house for my appt. we noticed a flatter than flatRead more

The Elmo cake.

  This is Ali’s Elmo cake that we MADE. And DECORATED. I know, it turned out pretty good, didn’t it. Before this though, we went to the Jordan Creek mall with Karen, Martha, Georgia, and Martha’s friend. Before that we stopped by Pink Hippo Bows where Ali got a few more "birthday presents." Actually theyRead more

The Swalla farm.

As already mentioned Wednesday we ventured out to the Swalla farm in Stuart, Iowa. It was like thirty or forty minutes west of where we were staying in Johnston. I think we were able to get up, showered, and ready by just after ten. Tony’s Grandma Swalla lives on the farm, along with one ofRead more

The first two days.

Okay…I am going to try to get through these as quickly as possible. If you’ve noticed I haven’t uploaded new photos yet, I’m waiting until I’ve had a chance to post about them first, but soon people, soon. Monday I mostly slept. I fell asleep at, like, noon and didn’t wake up until 4pm. AliRead more


Months that is. Today. My baby is basically one year old. I cannot believe a year has gone by already. Or, eleven-twelfths of it. Gah. Yesterday the weather was nice when we woke up. Ali had a blowout, like, first thing so she came out of her bedroom in the morning dressed (usually it’s pottyRead more