Can we really be potty training?

Tony bought Ali a little potty for Christmas. We’ve had one of the ones to put atop the regular toilet for ages and even engaged in some moderate elimination communication. But that has tapered off as of late and, well…a box from Amazon came in the mail yesterday. To be honest it was a surpriseRead more


Ok, here’s some catch-up pics. Last week it was actually warm enough to get in the water a bit. Ali reading about the new season of Sesame Street on the pot. She has now discovered simulated phone usage. Which involves the phoneheld in the vicinity of her ear, and screamed baby-babble. Here she was specificallyRead more

Happy Birthday to my Grandma.

She turns seventy today! Also, my cousin Brett is graduating from high school tonight. So congratulations to them both. It been grey, rainy, even windy for the past two days. I can’t handle this weather. In JUNE no less. Tomorrow Tillamook is having a city wide garage sale event and I really want to go.Read more

Caught on tape! And so much more….

First of all, Happy Birthday to my brother Jordan. I can’t believe he is twenty-one years old today! He is marking the occasion this weekend by getting his own place. It will be swanky I’m sure. I’m not sure my family realizes how much they will miss have an in-house tech guy. Congrats Jordan, onRead more

Progress all around.

Though a little cloudy today and yesterday, the weather here has been gorgeous. Tuesday I spotted flowers blooming out front and plucked one up to put behind Ali’s ear. The niceness has allowed use of Ali’s new stroller which she seems to really enjoy. Also….BIG NEWS! The least two nights Tiny has fallen asleep inRead more


Our poor blog is being neglected! And it’s not for lack of things to write about either. Chalk it up to us being busy, out of town for about 72 hours, and my trying oh-so-had to implement a new sleeping routine with Ali. Okay, backing up… Friday morning we drove to my parents’ house. WeRead more

Pooped in the potty!

Warning: Non food friendly image below.     This morning Ali pooped in the toilet. She’s been peeing for months now, though we’ve slacked a lot of putting her on it. Then, as if to somehow prove it wasn’t a fluke, she did it again in the afternoon. both times almost immediately after having beenRead more