The Swalla farm.

As already mentioned Wednesday we ventured out to the Swalla farm in Stuart, Iowa. It was like thirty or forty minutes west of where we were staying in Johnston. I think we were able to get up, showered, and ready by just after ten. Tony’s Grandma Swalla lives on the farm, along with one ofRead more

The first two days.

Okay…I am going to try to get through these as quickly as possible. If you’ve noticed I haven’t uploaded new photos yet, I’m waiting until I’ve had a chance to post about them first, but soon people, soon. Monday I mostly slept. I fell asleep at, like, noon and didn’t wake up until 4pm. AliRead more

Getting there.

First, I would like to say that I truly didnot anticipate the recovery time we, and especially Ali would need from this trip. Geez, we’re still worn out. To the point of feeling almost hungover! And Ali…she took a good nap flying into Portland, slept most of the nearly two hour ride home and wentRead more

Catching up, at long last.

I don’t know even where to begin anymore, so I’m trying to look back through pictures to guide my way. These first ones are from the day we left Portland, last Friday. It was pretty warm, whenthe sun was out but there were spotty clouds so…well, isn’t that the NW? Anyway, we almost always leaveRead more

Trista’s Graduation.

Fallen behind again. I hope to catch up (and catch you all up!) soon. Trista graduated from Gladstone High School on Thursday, June 12th. As you can see, she has, like, every cord ever because she’s just that cool. Trista is going to George Fox University in the fall. She’s studying fashion design (and maybeRead more

Our phones.

Two in case you haven’t noticed[s]. I have a LOT of odds and ends posts that I’ve been saving, haven’t gotten around too, or have been otherwise held up on and am getting to them in fits and bursts. Is that a saying? I recently uploaded pics from both Tony’s phone and mine. Like, aRead more