Yes, it’s true.

I am so in labor. It started at exactly 7:38pm last ngiht when I decided to began keeping track of the "cramping" I was having. For the next couple hours I had contraction every 8-10 minutes…but they were really short, like fifteen to thirty seconds. I slept from eleven or so until just after midnight,Read more

Due Date.

As I’m sure is fairly obvious, today Ali is "due" to enter the world. I’m kind of thinking that’s not going to happen. Maybe tomorrow though. Maybe even EARLY tomorrow morning. Wouldn’t that be nice! Basically I’ve been feeling fine. Large and tired and cranky but okay other than that. I’ve slept really well theRead more

No action.

We are home for the weekend. Sadly, regrettably, and yet, probably wisely. I’ve been having a lot of cramping still, especially last night (Tony said I moaned and groaned pretty throughout) but no definite contractions, no discernable mucous plug or "bloody show." She seems to be dropping every day and I think even she’s toRead more

Baby Shower!

Alright, this post is a little belated. Chalk that up to travelling this late in the game and my finishing the term yesterday. Sunday I came home and put my feet up for probably four or five hours. Seriously, they were that bad. They looked like balloons and I could no longer flex them. I’mRead more