The great crib caper.

Okay, let’s start with that. Again, a video. We’ve been having some fun with Tony’s new[ish] MacBook and hope you have too. Yes, life as we know it is over. For the moment we just moved the changing table over and hope that buys us a little more time. Yes again, Ali is wearing aRead more

Photoshoot at the park.

What? Well, kind of. Impromptu. And, if you can’t tell, Tony took most of these photos NOT me. He is absolutely the true photographer in the family. Below are some highlights but there’s more from our day at the park. Hmmm, can you tell I’m pretty much at the tail end of my schoolwork this term?Read more

Can we really be potty training?

Tony bought Ali a little potty for Christmas. We’ve had one of the ones to put atop the regular toilet for ages and even engaged in some moderate elimination communication. But that has tapered off as of late and, well…a box from Amazon came in the mail yesterday. To be honest it was a surpriseRead more