My schedule: the best of both worlds?

This term (and continuing through the academic year) I am doing an internship (16 weekly hours), taking classes (7 credit hours) and being mom, wife, chef, chauffeur, house cleaner extraordinaire and hopefully person. This actually looks worse than it is because, by work and by luck, I’ve managed the best possible schedule for my situation.Read more

Six months without sleep equals…night weaning?

M&M is now eleven months old. And her parents are eleven months exhausted. Give or take. I’m now looking back fondly on the first five months of co-sleeping, but it clearly did not suit M as well as it did her older sister. We are the zombie-like result of getting up multiple times a nightRead more


A few days ago I was overcome by the rather disconcerting idea that pretty much my whole life, the basis of my stay-at-home motherhood, is about losing. And by¬† “rather disconcerting” I mean, hit me like a freakin Mac truck. If you know me well at all, you know I’m a winner. Or, I aimRead more

Second Born: It’s a surprise! (Birth Story–Part I)

Now that M&M is six months old I feel a tug of guilt daily that I haven’t written down her birth story. I know the details are not as crisp as they would have been once, but I’m claiming “better late than never” and cutting my losses. Besides, this really is a fabulous story; oneRead more