Kiddie Pics…Mornings…Friday…Grown-up?

Christmas 1986: I am two years and two and a half months. My dad is twenty-five.   I’m not sure when this is, but I know I was washing the car so probably summertime…of ’87? I woke up really early this morning for no apparent reason…like 6:45. Ali was up and busting around though, whichRead more

Happy Thursday!

Twenty-six weeks on Sunday That title is kind a of joke to Tony, who’s been struggling all week keeping the days straight. There is good reason for the boy’s confusion though. To alleviate some of our money struggles he took on an extra project at work, updating a site called Ironmaster. For the last week or so he’sRead more


So it’s finals week and I am so glad to just be getting this done and over with. I started out taking seventeen credit hours this term, but about halfway through downgraded to twelve. I just turned in a fifteen page research paper on, fittingly, parenting students. Very interesting topic. I have a final inRead more


So I know this blog is supposed to be about Ali, but I figure her mommy and daddy getting engaged over the weekend pretty much belongs: And before you can ask….No, we haven’t a clue where we will be going from here, nor when. We spent the weekend in Victoria with Tony’s Mom (thanks Billie!),Read more