Pumping on Campus: Part I

Oh pumping. Though this is my second go-round with nursing (I nursed Dot until she was twenty-two months), this is my first time being away from baby for significant periods of time. Still, needing to pump away from home is a rare occurrence (luckily!) and has only come up during the weekend seminars discussed inRead more


I have been feeling incredibly frazzled the past few days. Maybe longer, but frazzled goes with the new baby territory and with busy lives in general. The last couple days have reached a new level of intensity, mostly in a physical, heart-racing, fight-or-flight, realm. I find myself darting around without focus and getting nothing done.Read more

It’s a small world. My small world.

My life is a little small right now. Maybe not the best time to start blogging. With the recent arrival of Little M&M, my days mostly consist of eating, feeding, sleeping, changing, cleaning, laundry, tweeting, facebooking, etc. The focus on the little one is absolutely where is should be, and splitting attention even with three-year-oldRead more