Whole 30: Days 2-5

Oh boy, am I going to be obnoxious. Oh well, what irritates some delights others. I’m having fun taking pictures of my meals and may end up documenting this 30-day process much more intensely than I planned.

paleo paleolithic gluten free clean eating low carb breakfast lunch dinner snack egg scramble suateed kale bacon hamburger parrty avocado rotisserie chicken drumstick leg white meat dark breast smoked salmon grape bedtime yogi teaDay 2-

  • Breakfast: egg scramble with ground beef, green pepper, onion, cherry tomato, sauteed kale (coffee–Starbucks Via Italian Roast–w/ coconut butter)
  • Lunch: bacon, hamburger patty, bacon grease fried kale
  • Dinner: rotisserie chicken (Costco-bought, it happens) avocado
  • Bedtime snack: smoked salmon, green grapes, Yogi bedtime tea
  • Not pictured: afternoon coffee with full-fat coconut milk

paleo paleolithic gluten free clean eating low carb breakfast lunch dinner snack scrambled eggs leftover hamburger patty avocado, turkey meatloaf, green kumbucha yogi tea, microwaved kale coconut oil trader joe's to-go almond packetsDay 3-

paleo paleolithic gluten free clean eating low carb breakfast lunch dinner snack eggs fried in coconut oil chicken skin bacon fat grease lard kale leftover turkey meatloaf leftover egg cupcakes muffins mini souffle turkey lunchmeat pepperoni carrots granny smith apple artisana coconut butter bedtime yogi tea

Day 4-

paleo paleolithic caveman diet gluten free low carb clean eating no grains weight loss diet lifestyle change breakfast lunch dinner meal plannings bacon chicken apple spinach red onion coffee french press longbottom coconut milk turkey meatloaf roasted brocolli zuchinni garlic slow cooker lemon pepper chicken breast roasted asparagus steamed caulliflower carrot apple almond butter yogi bedtime teaDay 5-

  • Breakfast: “scramble” of bacon, leftover chicken, red onion, green apple and spinach (not pictured: coffee (small cup, french pressed Longbottom Coffee with coconut milk)
  • Lunch: leftover turkey meatloaf broiled in the oven with coconut butter (yes, weird, it needed some moisture, wish I had some ghee made), roasted broccoli, zucchini, red onion and garlic, small cup of coffee (w/ coconut milk)
  • Dinner: slow-cooked lemon pepper chicken breast, roasted asparagus, steamed cauliflower
  • Bedtime snack: half an apple, carrots, almond butter, bedtime tea

3 thoughts on “Whole 30: Days 2-5

  1. Hey Ashley,

    So, I ‘ve been trying to hold the line on the diet for my month of onramps as well. I’ve done some reading (probably not as much as you though) and find some conflicting info, depending on people’s opinions. Cured meats like bacon, ham, smoked fish, etc are frowned upon due to the sugar and salt used in the process. I think these things in moderation are probably fine. Also read about potatoes and how some say no, and some say just limit your intake. I get the concept and like it but don’t intend to be a kamakazi paleo guy.

  2. Terry,

    I completely agree with you. I think this “diet”, like any other, is about finding what works for each person. And a lot of it is about goals. People looking to lose a lot of weight tend to vilify potatoes and fruit, but that doesn’t mean we all have to. I don’t have a problem with yams, squash, even white or red potatoes. I don’t think I even have any issue with butter or cream, but it’s probably time for me to find out. And the cured, uncured meat thing? I hope to one day be able to afford caring about such things! I just do my best. I like deli meat from Boar’s Head at Fred Meyer and I like bacon from Albertson’s and I take a whole bunch of fish oil 😉

    1. I think if you are careful and make sure you balance the fruits and veggies with the protein, it’s a very healthy diet. No bogus bullshit like Atkins that says all carbs are bad. Bodies just don’t work that way. Good job Ashley!

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