Whole 30: Day 1

I promise I won’t do this every day, but today I ended up taking pictures of all my meals and, in that totally self-absorbed way, thought this would be cute. For the record I have not purchased the Whole 30 literature nor had the time to do a extensive research, so it’s possible I am consuming something not 100% Whole 30-approved (for example, bacon is not approved but I have some in my fridge that may end up on my plate in this first week). Such is life.

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Breakfast: leftover egg muffins, coffee w/ coconut butter (not too bad, though silly me, starting this with no coconut milk in the house!)
Lunch: leftover beef stew, kombucha green tea
Snack: (not pictured) macadamia nuts, coffee w/ coconut butter
Dinner: spinach, leftover fajita-ish chicken, cherry tomatoes, pepperoni
Snack: artichoke hearts, ham, chai rooibos tea

I’m also excited to add my friend Alycia to the “First Whole 30” crew. She is brand spanking new to Paleo, so do follow her journey.

7 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day 1

  1. Ran across your post looking to see if pepperoni is Whole 30 approved. Kinda excited to see that you started your journey the same day as I did. Will be nice to follow your journey. I haven’t been blogging about my journey, but I may start.

    1. Hey, so glad you ended up here. So my question is this, what was the verdict of pepperoni? I didn’t research it specifically, I decided to just jumped into the Whole30 even though I hadn’t specifically shopped for it, because having an unapproved food is the house is always going to be a great excuse. Am I leading people astray with my pepperoni? 😉

  2. Unless you already know this, Bacon is OK to eat….I have been doing Paleo for 3 years. Hormel Bacon is Nitrate Free and that is what you want. They also have some lunch meat. Congrats to you. I have not heard of this 30 Day, but interested. I also have been doing CrossFit for 3.5 years as well. Keep up the good work. I take pics of my meals too…it makes you feel good that you are eating healthy~

  3. So…I came across your post- as I’m reading about starting whole30. I’ve been going back and forth only out of convenience have I not jumped in. I also have a family that I know will not be willing to do this. I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed about trying to plan out all the meals as well as cook meals that my family will eat.. Just curious how you went about this…did you just jump in and figure it out as you went? I’m currently a nursing student and I’m worried about time involved with this. Suggestions?


    1. Hi Mary,

      First of all I had 9-10 months of experience eating Paleo before I did my whole30, so much of it was already my “normal”. I will admit that I totally don’t plan my meals out, but I do get a rise of anxiety when there is nothing ready to grab in the fridge or meat/produce, etc. in the house. I usually make a lot of food, so there’s always enough for my family, though often the toddler is the only one who eats what I eat. Other than that I leave my husband and 4yo on their own. My oldest still eats cereal or toast for breakfast and grilled cheese, quesadilla, pb&j and the like for meals. I haven’t ended her consumption of those foods but she’s definitely increased her eating of at least some of “my” foods. Side of eggs at breakfast, chicken/pork/beef for dinner, etc. And my husband does eat many of my meals and if he doesn’t want it or like it he prepares his own. Oh well, more leftovers for me 😉

      The transition does take some thought and getting used to. I’d recommend doing it maybe if you’re on break? I did experience fatigue that first week as my body switched from burning carbs to burning fat. If waiting until a break isn’t possible (and what I usually tell people otherwise) try easing into it. Doing a strict cold-turkey thing works for some people but if that’s overwhelming focus on just giving up grains and cutting out sugar. Allow yourself greek yogurt, full-fat sour cream or cottage cheese, butter, and the like. Eat fruit like it’s going out of style if you need to at first. Changing habits can be an evolution, it doesn’t have to be an overnight miracle, you know?

      And good luck! It’s absolutely worth it 🙂

  4. I have just finished Whole30 and reading your daily menu with eating pepperoni is not a whole30 approved meat. All bacon, sausages, kielbasa have sugar in the ingredients. It will say sugar..or Dextrose..(which is sugar) it virtually in all processed meats and canned goods..packaged..it is crazy. I found a bacon and kielbasa at a Whole Foods store near me in Michigan and neither have sugar of any kind in them. (This was the only store I found that carry something like this…I was so excited) You really have to learn to read all labels..and understand the sugar group. Go search for different names for sugar online, you’ll be shocked at just how many different names they use in products to hide the ‘sugar’ in your food. I’ve learned a ton from this eating regimen.

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