Gadgets and Gizmos and Gurus (oh my!).

Where, in 2011, would we be without our technology? I, personally, would be lost. Disconnected. Uninformed. And perhaps bored.

The iPhone. Blessed be that magical device. It has changed my life and, may I add, revolutionized breastfeeding. And the way it talks to my MacBook. And Wi-Fi throughout the house and TV that streams from the internet (we use Sage). TV that records and pauses and allows a four-year-old to not even know what commercials are?!

apple product 4g baby infant technology thankful gadget gizmo app mac
Now that's an early adopter!

And iPods. Dot dancing to Weird Al, playing from her hoodie pocket, through the grocery store. A collection of music (motivation, inspiration, decompression, nostalgia) at my fingertips in the kitchen, in the car, on a walk.

Email wherever. Photos whenever. Communication always.

The world is bigger (times a few billion) and constantly accessible.

That’s flipping crazy.

And I’m thankful for the ways it has enriched and/or streamlined my life.

Then there’s the guru. That would be the husband, always able to aid in any technological strife. Because all the nifty devices and crazy advances in the world don’t mean a thing if I can’t figure out how to work or maintain them. One of many reasons to be thankful for Tony 🙂

This post is part of a month-long series detailing 25 Things I’m Thankful For.

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