In Progress.

There are few posts in progress (in my head).

The holiday weekend is actually still in progress around here.

Spring turning into summer is absolutely still in progress. Can someone tell the Portland weather that Memorial Day weekend has passed? We have rain and highs of low 60’s for the next three days.

A mass purge and reorganization of the house is in progress (as is readying for an upcoming garage sale). All this not-normal housework is making it a challenge to keep up on the everyday stuff.

M&M’s own bedroom is in progress. It’s coming along nicely. I’m so so happy with it and I can tell she likes it too. Love love 🙂

“We” (mostly hubby, duh) are also in progress on a re-landscape of a large portion of the yard. The hope is to get it level in time for a big surprise for a special girl’s upcoming birthday. Shhhhh!

My transition from newbie Crossfitter to legit member is in progress. As is making the switch from 7am classes to 6am.

Wrapping up the 2010-2011 academic year (save for summer, but Spring is typically viewed as The End) is in progress. I’ve completed all my work, just waiting for things to be finalized and hoping a whole mess of financial aid strings get tied up in the next couple of weeks before summer term starts.

Progress is a beautiful, energizing thing. But the transition process takes work, calls on motivation and gobbles up resources. It is what it is and we are where we are.

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