Not Monday.

No! Not yet! Really, it can’t be.

This weekend was a blur of rushing off to class and rushing home to responsibilities. My wonderful husband has no problem stepping up and taking fantastic care of the kiddos, but things fall through the cracks when either, or both, of us are otherwise occupied. Grocery shopping needs to happen. A Costco trip is in order. Laundry is piling up. The house is littered with colorful out-of-place objects practically taunting me with the fact that they don’t belong there! I’m overdue for some time with my girls. The sun will finally be out this week and there’s Vitamin D to soak up, walks to be had, parks to be visited. Not to mention dishes to be done. Blogs to be written 😉

And now that my class is over I’ve got an extra paper to write.

So it can’t be Monday. I need it to be Sunday, so I can have a morning of shared childcare to unwind, catch-up and get a step or two closer to sanity.

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