Bless you, my sleeping child.

Baby girl, four months, sleeping on her ownOh the last three days have brought a welcome tide of change. After being driven nearly to tears numerous times in the past weeks by M&M’s inconsistent, and often elusive, napping, I am hopeful that our reprieve has arrived.

Today marks the third morning my little dear has napped for 90+ minutes, alone, in her own room.

No crib yet, but I am happy to take baby steps. Progress not perfection, for sure. And who’s to say this isn’t perfect for us, for her, for now?

Wow, wow, wow. Being able to use time in a frivolous manner makes me feel almost human again. I’m not sure what flipped the switch but I am so, so hopeful for the future, for life, for sanity now! I am vigilant not to change a thing so as to keep the sleep streak going strong..

Tuesday the girl took five naps. Five! And she doesn’t go down easy; we’re talking 45-60 minutes of walking, rocking, nursing, shushing, begging, etc. Five times, for a twenty minute nap, is enough to make anyone lose sanity! And the less she sleeps the more frequently she needs to nap. Yesterday we managed three evenly spaced naps and she was asleep by 8pm. I don’t mind devoting a couple hours each day to putting her down if it garners these kinds of results!

This morning, I had her down in about 10 minutes! And she has now surpassed the two hour napping mark.

She has also improved a bit at night, sleeping a 3-4 hour stretch in her room recently before waking and coming in with me. The expanse of time in my bed is on my though–once I’m asleep my interest in getting up is nil. And I’m okay with that 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bless you, my sleeping child.

  1. Carmen has quit napping recently, too! Although, she’s gotten a lot better that we’re doing solids several times a day. I’m about ready to start giving her another serving right before bed, then boob her a bit and see if she sleeps better at night.

    Do you think M&M is ready to start solids?

    1. She is obsessed with food. I think often about having lunch as Chevy’s when Carmen was drooling over everything and M couldn’t have cared less. Nowadays I almost cannot even consume anything around her because she gets so upset about it!

      I guess she is probably ready, but I’m not ready for the added workload that brings.

      At. All.

      I think that if I can get her in a somewhat successful routine and then add eating that might be the most effective. Of course, after three days of good napping and me feeling as if we’ve rounded a corner I peace out for a good portion of the next 3-4 days and it gets thrown out the window.

      I’m glad Carmen is sleeping longer! I hope her waking immediately after you writing this comment was a fluke 🙂

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