Tweets of the Day: A Saturday.

6:32am: Went to bed at 8:30 last night + can’t breathe = I guess I have a cold? I don’t even know anymore…

7:46am: Listening to Aqua while I make pancakes with my girls. Hello 7th grade! Sometimes life is silly.

10:17am: Yard work time.

11:46am: Not that it’s an option, but if it were I’d like to call in sick today. #motherhood #dreamingofbed

12:20pm: This soup is so good it’s hard not to eat the entire thing! #TraderJoes

4:30pm: Just clipped both baby’s fingernails and toenails–while she was awake! That’s, like, groundbreaking. I deserve a raise. Oh, wait…

4:41pm: I’m also letting my four month old watch TV. #nevermindabouttheraise

5:18pm: Trying this out tonight. #whatsfordinner #curry #Costco

6:15pm: Baby bursts into uncontrollable scared/hurt cry each time I cough. She won’t nurse, not for long. Need some #purpledrank up in here! 😉

7:54pm: Phyllis Schafly would be hate that I’m reading about her for my women’s studies class while my hubby attempts to comfort my screaming baby.

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