Superkids Resale and Twice Around the Block (consignment sales in portland, or)

secondhand consignment kids baby sale portland, Oregon robustorbust.comThis is only my second consignment “season” but I was surprised that these sales ended up on the same weekend. On my first go-round this past fall they were a week a part. Since I’m a buyer and not a seller (not yet anyway!) it makes for a big extravaganza.

Truth is, we didn’t need that much. I wanted to pick up an exersaucer for the babe. Something that’s not totally necessary but may be fun for a bit. Or not. Good reasons to buy used. I can Craigslist or donate it if interest wanes–without guilt. Environmentally, it feels good (and does good) to buy secondhand. Especially a freakin’ exersaucer. Basically a fancy name for a massive piece of plastic with many plastic-y moving parts.

Plus, stuff is cheap. And often, it’s in fabulous condition. Sometimes? Brand spanking new. Truly, I’m a shopper at heart. I can try to deny it, avoid it, or pacify it, but it’s something that I enjoy. And the less guilt the better 😉

Our first sale, SuperKids Resale, we walked out with the most. This is partly because we hit this one earlier but mostly because it was the first and we got most of what we needed crossed off the list. For $130 we found:

Then we hit up Twice Around the Block. We weren’t really looking for anything but decided to just stop by. We got there 2-3 hours after it opened to the public. This is our recipe:

Consignment sale reciept
Princess Palooza

And this is the loot it corresponds with:

Used secondhand consignment children clothes, disney princess DVDs dress upI know, a ton of Disney. Dammit, somehow that just happens. At least we didn’t buy it new! Some of it (Ariel costume, bead kit, Disneyland Scrapbook) we stashed away to dole out later. The rest I placed around the house for Dot to notice when she got home from school. It was a pretty fun night and she has been wearing the Tinkerbell ensemble from that dress-up chest since she stumbled upon in. I’m still waiting for her to find The Princess Diaries in the downstairs bathroom!

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