Through the iPhone.

Dangerous Is...
Making a list of what must be done before walking to the park.
Winter at the neighborhood park.
Mama's lunch: the crusts off a PB sandwich, tiny bowl of week old taco soup, greek yogurt + granola, V8.
A new obsession.
Some seventy percent off clearance prices winter wear for my girls. This for under $10.
Homemade dinner: brown rice, chicken curry w/ peppers, zuchinni, red onion and broccoli topped with peanuts and craisens.
Bath night.

2 thoughts on “Through the iPhone.

  1. I keep greek yogurt and granola at work! I keep rotating kinds trying to find the best tasting healthiest option… which do you eat?

    1. I used to buy the 24 or 32oz. tub of non-fat from Trader Joe’s (well, maybe 2%, do they have that? It was the blue one). Fred Meyer has single serving ones though, which is better, though not cheaper, and I got vanilla, strawberry, honey, and plain. The vanilla and honey were good, and Ali ate all the strawberry. Have you tried/seen them? Gotta mix something in though, way too rich otherwise!

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