Stand for Children! (Oregonians)


We need you to act TODAY to keep this school year whole!

Sign our petition and tell Oregon legislators NO MORE CUTS:

Urge the legislative budget committee to use the Federal Stimulus dollars to prevent further cuts to schools! Tell them Oregon’s kids can’t afford to lose any more school days.

It takes less than a minute to sign the petition. Do it TODAY, then pass the message to your friends:

We’ll present the petition signatures to the legislature this Friday.

Thanks for taking action today!



Seriously people, the children are our future!


Pssst, Abi. Better late than never I hope.

2 thoughts on “Stand for Children! (Oregonians)

  1. Awareness is good! Thanks for posting. They turned the petition in, and the good news is the legislature gave the schools some money so the cuts were minimized, at least. Now, we’re preparing for the tough conversation of what to do for the next two years with the budget shortfall.
    (I get a bit wonkish here:) If only we’d been saving all our unexpected windfalls of taxes instead of sending them back to taxpayers — we’d have a fund that could significantly protect from cuts. $1.2 billion was kicked back from the 07 income taxes, and the overall revenue shortfall is currently being estimated at $3billion, so it would have made a HUGE difference.

    Anyway, thanks for posting and I’m happy for you that the move went well. Your new house looks lovely and very sunlight-friendly! 🙂

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