Life getting in the way.

That is what’s happened right now. In the past two weeks we’ve spent extended time in Seattle and Portland. We’ve booked major wedding components and checked out a big handful of houses. I came home and immediately came down with a horrid flu and was sicker than I’ve been in years. Fever spiked at 104.5!

Now, life it returning to our normal chaos and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, needs to be done.

Anyone reading this in the Portand area. We are looking for a rental house with 3+ bedrooms, 1500+ square feet, preferably in SE or SW and as close-in at possbile for my commute to PSU. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Also, I REALLY want two full bathrooms, a dishwasher is a must, and a yard is a pretty huge deal. K thanks.

Ali enjoying our cake tasting.

P.S.- New pics here and here.

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