Do you have DISH Network? Do you watch KATU?

Oh my. Well we do. And, living at the coast, most people here do. Well today I sat down to watch The View, which I’d DVRed and instead saw a message directing me here.

Basically our local ABC station, KATU, and DISH have been unable to come to terms and renew their contract. So, for the moment, NO ABC! How crazy is that? No View (a biggie for me), no Grey’s Anatomy. We don’t watch much else on the station and I’m glad it’s rerun season. Especially with our stormy weather though I have been skipping around the local news stations. Anyway, how very lame.

I called the General manager of KATU, John Tamerlano, like DISH encourages. Of course his mailbox was full, but eventually someone picked up. I’m not taking sides in this issue so I just said I wanted to support the cause (i.e. reaching an agreement) and re-iterate that I missed my programming and that I hope they can reach a compromise soon. I’m kind of sorry for the poor people being bombarded with calls. Same goes with the sponsors.

For KATU’s side click here. Notice they don’t mention the amount of their license fee. Makes it seems they may have something to hide. Hmmm.

After doing a bit more investigation this whole things seems to have gotten ugly pretty fast. Both sides are encouraging viewers to head for the competitiors (KOIN and KGW, cable and DIRECTV). As I remarked to Tony a few minutes ago, this whole issue seems to be a microcasm of what could be around the corner on a much larger level. It’s somewhat exhilerating. But still annoying.

I hope this is settled soon.

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  1. Oh yea, talk about freaking out! I heard this on T.V. last night and my blood ran cold. No Grey’s Anatomy? Say it ain’t so!! I spent the next two commercials checking it out and finally realizing that I am safe with my old school cable. Let’s hope they get it straightened out soon!!

  2. You can go to and watch your favorite shows online! Or, I found out there is a way to DVR while using an old school antennae. So, as long as we can see our shows, who cares about KATU?!?! KGW and Koin have better local news anyway!!

  3. I’m beside myself with this whole situation. Honestly I’m not in fear of not being able to watch my shows only because like Kristin stated, I can always go online to watch whatever shows I happen to miss. I do find this whole ordeal very pathetic on both parts because who’s actually losing out? We are. It’s frustrating, however I’m not going to direct tv nor “cable”. KATU and the Dish are going to hash it out..good luck to them, it only re-enforces what I’ve always known..ABC kinda sucks at this moment, however I am a fan of Lost and Ugly Betty but thank god for the internet. Thanks for posting your blog!

    I just found out today that we lost ABC.  Being a fan of "All My Children" I am afraid I am going to have to go through withdrawal if things are not settled soon.  It would not surprise me if Dish subscribers get an increase in their monthly payment.  What is next.  Groceries and gas are going up daily.  Soon they will want to charge us for the aid we breath. 

  5. Seems to me that we also have a contract with dish network. To provide the stations we pay for. Or does the contract only stipulate that we pay, no matter how good the service is or if they provide the channels or not? Hash it out guys, we are getting tired of your dumb corporate b.s. I know my next bill will reflect the loss of a channel, LOL.

  6. I think George said it best, we do have contracts with dish network will the channels they provide reflect its next bill. wow what a way to start the new year, ill be praying for them..

    i live in ohio an lost my nbc an cw today out of dayton.i think i will go back to my old cable company this is crap.

  8. I feel making people have to pay for local channels because the elect to have satellite programming is outrageous, I lost CBS and Fox, no American Idol!  Amazing Race Or Survivor. It seems to me that someone is trying to line their pockets at the expense of Dish Network Customers.  I bet this person has access to all of his channels at home.  The economy is bad enough with gas prices going up now you want to affect our choice of entertainment.   TURN MY LOCAL CHANNELS BACK ON GREEDY LIN!!!!!!!!

  9. It is bad enough i know longer get the sabres games do to the dispute with MSG but this last episode losing local news and price is right is the last straw.My contract agreement is up in november of 2011. if this dispute is not settled by then I will be forced to drop dishnetwork… I refuse to go another winter with out being able to watch the sabres games that was the only reason I got the sattelite with out sports in the winter time its useless to me!!!!!!

  10. I have Fox as my local channel and at times like this with money alittle on the tight side and big money companies want more. What about the little person who can't afford more and is trying to make it on what they have. When are they going to stop being so GREEDY and start being DECENT HUMAN BEING?

  11. Edna responds
    I am SO upset !!!!!! I can not understand why you are taking my favorit chanells off the air. I'm thinking about stopping my Dish New work, and just going and getting me a converter box and kissing all cables good by. Your taking the channels that I watch all the time, day and night, and most of the other channels just have very little worth looking at. Get your self in geer, and put these channels back on!!!!!!!!!

  12. Iam disappointed that I can not get wivb and also channel 23 that I watch all the time.
    Have been thinking about doing away with dishnet work and getting something else so I can have wivb and also 23 channel.
    Do hope that they come to some agreement soon.

  13. If I can't get my local channels back  then you can cancel my contract.  I am not paying for something I cannot use.  I think ABC  and DISH is just being plain greedy
    just like the big politians in Washington.  If it isn't money in it for them they won't compromise and work for the good of the people.

  14. I don't have KTAU but I do have WTNH in New Haven and I also am upset about losing ABC.  Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Modern Family, 20/20, Dr. Phil – GONE.  I wouldn't mind if it was in the summer and they were all reruns but not now!  Sometime I think the old fashion way was better.  I was free too. 


  16. I am not happy, I have no WTNH, ABC, my most important daily show is All My Children which doesn't run reruns,   We pay for this service and who do they think they are shutting it off?  This is breach of my contract with Dish Network.  Do you think they will credit us on our lost of this station that was part of the package we signed up for?  I am just tired of these companies getting away with this.  They can take things away from us and expect us to continue to pay the same monthly payment!  Is this fair?   


  18. this is BS. greedy will give you money but loss your customer. its thier rights if they want to jack up the prices, its also the customers rights to “BOYCOTT” or switch. if enough people boycott, i’m sure they’ll see how much money they’re losing & how much more they can lose. with modern times you dont have to leave your home to do so. call them,facebook it or just switch companies but do something people.

  19. I had dish installed 18 months ago, but will switch back to cable March 17th. Take dish and stick it where the sun don't shine.

  20. r    alph response:                                                                                                                                                    
    ralphs respones:
    they shound take all the rich,greedy ceos and ship them to north korea and have the regime handle them.

  21. please, please.  i watch abc most of the time.  i am missing many shows. i will be droping dish if this is not cleared up soon.  please don't be greedy lin or dish.  what about your subscribers ?

  22. I'm really sorry to hear you lost abc and nbc. I only watch an nbc affiliate which airs one of my favorite shows (supernatural). I am also begging and pleading with dish and lin. I pay enough as it is, and as subscribers I think we should not have to pay more for public programming. When we have to pay so much for cable tv. It's not fair to the consumer. 

  23. You need  to get off the pot and get the dispute settled!  You've got customers who pay for this service.  We watch the news among other stations every night, and don't appreciate your dilly dallying around, arguing over that last dollar!  It isn't fair to the people who pay you to begin with.

  24. Come on people!!!!  Can;t you be reasonable and get this sh…t straightened out ????  or, Are we just spoiled children and want ALL the MARBLES ??????  You BOTH better play nice or I'll send you to your room without any supper!!!

  25. I am very unhappy with this problem. Don't understand why adults cannot come to terms. I don't think anyone should go on vacation until this problem is solved. I watch ABC every Sunday for church services that I missed because of sickness. Please solve this problem soon.

  26. Yes my family does watch this channel .We want it back  so please bring it back .If not then i guess we will go somewhere else and do away with dish all together.

  27. No naughty words, this might be hard, how much greed is dish demanding , what about there loyal viewers? guess they really dont care about us at all!!!!     of course not we are just the hard working folks that like to relax after a hard day, and view what we have paid for , and dish is the cooperate gaint that thinks they can sqeeze more out of us.  i have other options   "dish network"  remember that and iam under no contract !!! get your stink together and start treating us with respect .  For those of you who are under contract please lets not forget this GREED GREED GREED.         

  28. I watch this channel alot. Most of my shows are on this channel. Live with Kelly, the View, The River. Just to mention a few. I pay alot of money for my satelite channels, and to hear that I have to fight to keep ABC, and voice my opinion to keep it I dont know just dosent seem right to me. I go to the gas station have to pay the price so I say to everyone just settle the argument, and let us keep it the way it is. Why should i have to fight for what I already pay for. I think its nuts. I do not want to loose ABC. so PLEASE figure this out soon and dont mess with it. Not fair to us the public. Just fix the problem. be nice to each other and us. Thank you. Not happy about this at all. Shouldnt have to fight to keep any of the channels I pay for. Shouldnt have to post an opinion to keep what I pay for It's a local channel. So be nice to each other and come to a happy medium.

  29. We do not want to lose WISC-TV, CBS out of Madison, WI. We watch our news & some of our favorite shows on that station. All of my son's favorite shows are on that station. We pay quite a bit each month for Dish Network. The local channels were supposed to be part of the deal with Dish. We have been loyal customers for almost three years, but if we aren't going to get the programs that were supposed to come with the Dish programming, we are thinking about going to cable or Direct TV. Please keep CBS on the programming list.

  30. I came to dish because they offered local channels first in my area. If this situation is not rectified, I'll just go to another company.

  31. When we got our new tv and all the channels that we watched with the little box on the side were added right in and we were promised free satellite for these stations and how can dish do this to us.  I am expecting to watch the noon news tomorrow or I will be looking for a new satellite company immediately!!!

  32. I don't care who is at fault. My contract is with Dish and it is their responsibility to furnish me the service, otherwise give me credit and allow me to go to a competitor. When i do receive programming it is often in poor condition. For instance, on Fox baseball broadcastsathe scoree and other info is so far in the upper lefthand corner it is invisible. Other channels are ok, but they do not have the Braves. Also sometimes the satelite channels are distorted and looks like a fun house. A large percentage of the "info" is incorrect and does not relate to the actual program. I don't know whether this is poor management of poor labor, bur rest assured that when my present contract is up, i will be going bacck to Direct TV. I changed when i bundled and have regretted it ever since


  34. This is total bull. The prices that we are charged and was told years ago that we would soon get local news from knop. That was  9 years ago. Now we have nothing of ABC. Guess what I will be changing my provider , bet there will be alot more to follow.

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