A toddler with a cavity.

It’s like the cruelest thing. As if brushing teeth wasn’t unappealing enough, I can tell it’s very painful for Ali where her cavity is. She cries whenever we get ready to brush, then calms down and is okay until I hit the spot. And she SCREAMS. And it kills me. I know the whole area isn’t getting brushed well because her lips are like steel doors closing and that doesn’t help the situation. I feel frustrated because it’s over a month until her consultation, not even the actual procedure! That is unscheduled so who knows when that will be. In the meantime, she’s developing an incredible aversion to tooth brushing. And it seems so avoidable. Poor kid should not have to be in pain.

5 thoughts on “A toddler with a cavity.

  1. Poor baby! I think it’s so dumb how long it takes for anyone to get in to see the dentist…it seems really counterproductive, because isn’t it just getting worse all the time?

  2. 🙁 Is the issue that your insurance only covers the people it takes forever to get appointments with? (If you are lucky enough to have insurance, of course!) I second Karlin, it seems like there must be SOME way to get her in sooner, given this issue.

  3. Probably some/most of it is insurance (she’s on state aid) but the other part is that she has to wait for a specialist. We’ve already been to the regular dentist and were referred to a pedi-dentist, which is where the wait came in. But, I had to wait almost six months to get a consult for my wisdom tooth pulled and three for the consult for a root canal. Both though, were then done on the same day as the consult so who knows.

    It’s just our health care system 🙁

  4. I had a response but it lagged out posting it. Basically, I decided we really need better health care. And wished you luck. And crossed my fingers it will at least be taken care of same day.

  5. poor Ali!! thats so sad, you would think they would hurry the dentist thing when it comes to a child, expecially one in pain!! 🙁

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