The great crib caper.

Okay, let’s start with that. Again, a video. We’ve been having some fun with Tony’s new[ish] MacBook and hope you have too.

Yes, life as we know it is over. For the moment we just moved the changing table over and hope that buys us a little more time. Yes again, Ali is wearing a vest over her pjs. It’s cold here! Some randomness

  • Portland is getting another storm tomorrow. Of the snow and ice variety. Last I heard we are not which makes me both happy and sad.
  • Tony’s birthday is Monday! But we might be celebrating earlier. We are going to go to my parents’ on Tuesday and are planning to do our own Christmas beforehand. One reason being that one or two of Ali’s presents are too big to travel. It’s exciting that we get to get our festivities underway ahead of schedule!
  • Come Tuesday we will be gone for a long time. Like two weeks or more. Always a bit stressful. To say the least.
  • I am getting/am/am getting over being sick. Not sure which it is and it’s mostly just a sore throat and lethargy. I’ve napped three of the past four afternoons even though I’ve been getting an acceptable amount of sleep at night. I just crash. Hopefully it’s me fighting something off, meaning I’ve gotten as much as I’m gonna get.
  • We are looking at two more venues during out days in Portland next week. Will this search never end?!?
  • We did get some snow around here, enough for Ali to get out and experience it some. She liked it a lot and was not happy today when we wouldn’t let her out of the stroller. Today everything was mostly ice and she just can’t maneuver with that.

Outside our house.

Downtown, along Highway 101.

Stoked that we were going to the park.

Snow on the beach!

  • I have barely blogged about this, so I’m glad Tony and Ali are now vlogging (video-blogging for anyone unfamiliar). What a vocabulary this girl is developing! Not only is she a little parrot that can repeat just about anything, but I can’t even go through all the words she says on a daily basis. She’s even gettig to the point where she can kind of tell a little story. And coupling words together! Like "Hi Daddy, and "Bye tree." Also very into singing, her favorites are Rockabye Baby, in which she likes to substitute baby for daddy, elmo, Ali, Alyssa, etc. and Old MacDonald had a farm with she calls I-oh-ee or something along those lines.
  • Yeah, this is random. I’m kind of lost but glad to have gotten a blog out. Again, watch the video, this kid is crazy.

6 thoughts on “The great crib caper.

  1. A few additional comments on the video:

    — I realize its probably not the best parenting style to tell the child its okay to do something and then immediately tell them it is a no-no. I’m also very proud of her for knowing it was not okay, and checking with me first.

    — She picks up two pacis off of the changing table, and gives one to Abby when she gets back in the crib. You can hear her talking about it near the end of the video. Abby (Abby Cadabby, a little fairy from Sesame Street) has been her cribmate for the past few nights and whenever we ask her how she slept, the response is “Abuh”. Its very sweet.

    — The body slam she does at the very end of the video is pretty cool.

  2. Frosty is currently on the right sidebar of pictures (on the bottom) and will always reside in the album titled “Winter 2008.”

  3. Haha, her climbing skillz made me laugh so hard. It reminds me of me walking into Shayla’s room one day and not knowing where she was, then realizing she was sitting on top of the changing table just randomly.

  4. Ummmm, that’s totaly amazing! The cutest thing though….her, oh so sweet, voice and chatter! LOVED hearing a small chatter box again. Yeah, my chatter boxes are all bigger now. =D
    Love you and glad you are all o.k.

  5. It seems like with something like that where the poor little girl can’t get brushed without screaming would be able to be bumped up! Jeeze, that would be so hard, I’m sorry to Ali and to you guys! : (

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