Big storm coming!

Today was my last final! So there’s a load off.

Tomorrow a major storm is blowing in. High wind warning on the coast which practically gaurantees a power outtage. The question is when it will come back on. Please hope for us that it is soon! This house is 100% electric and beyond some candles we don’t have much. This means no lights, no way to cook anything, no way to keep freezer stuff frozen, no internet(!) or TV (duh, I know, but still worth mentioning), no hot water, no HEAT. Ughhhhh. Not a good situation if it’s more than a few hours in the best of times.

But this will not be the best of times. After wind Friday and part of Saturday some insanely cold arctic air is coming in that may bring snow down to the beach. Which means feet in the coast range (our only hope of heat if things get very dicey) and cold, cold temps. In the valley int’s going to be in the teens for a number of days and not reach above freezing for, like, five days. Not sure exactly what that means for us, except heat would be sorely missed I’m sure.

If you live somewhere cold/snowy, know that this is the coldest weather we’ve had in 4-5 years. It’s kind of a big deal.

Until then I’m trying to do as much internet-ing as I can (thank God online classes are done for the moment), laundry, run the dishwasher, etc. etc. In my mind I’m prepping for a day or more w/o power.


2 thoughts on “Big storm coming!

  1. We will DEFINATLY be praying for you guys.
    I hope it’s not as bad as they’re predicting.
    Like you, we have no way to keep warm if our power goes. We have a gas furnace, but the fan requires electricity to blow. But with gas comes a way to cook and have a nice, warm drink.
    I’m gonna want to know if you are all alright….but w/o electricity….no posting. =( Please, please let us know your condition asap.
    I’m gonna charge my phone…….

  2. Katy-

    The sidebar on the left hand side is pulled from Facebook status which I usually update on my phone and will be able to do as long as a cell tower still stands. So we hope to keep updated. Thanks for caring 🙂

    Thus far, I have run around like crazy doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and even cooking chicken for dinner trying to be prepared. Thus far we’ve have a couple hours of wind and rain but doing just fine!

    Now it’s probably headed your way…

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