My favorite mug.

If you recall from this post, we went to Ceramicafe for my surprise birthday party. The above mug is what Tony (and Ali) made for me. We didn’t get to pick up our stuff until Thanksgiving. Well, Alyssa picked it up for us, but it was at my parents’ and we hadn’t seen it. I made a frame but it’s nothing next to this beautiful mug that turned out so great. Here are my favorite thigns about it:

  • It says "MOMMY."
  • The handprint you can kind of see is Ali’s.
  • Green is pretty much my favorite color and there are, not one, but three shades.
  • It’s oversized! More coffee!!
  • The inside is the EXACT color of my perfect cup of coffee. So I can use it as a guide for when to stop putting in the rather large amount of half and half that I enjoy.
  • It was made, especially for me, with love from my two loves.

3 thoughts on “My favorite mug.

  1. I LOVE Ceramicafe!!! AND I LOVE your mug! So-o sweet. I keep telling Ben to take the kids to ‘surprise’ me with a Christmas gift (two years of asking)….uggg. Maybe it’s a gift I’ll have to organize for myself =D
    I missed the surprise b-d post. I missed it the first round so it was nice to be able to view it.
    Love you!

  2. I am going to Phoenix University right now but I think I want to go to PSU it sounds really good and I really want it! I would be doing biology with an emphosis on zoology! What are you getting?

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