Can we really be potty training?

Tony bought Ali a little potty for Christmas. We’ve had one of the ones to put atop the regular toilet for ages and even engaged in some moderate elimination communication. But that has tapered off as of late and, well…a box from Amazon came in the mail yesterday. To be honest it was a surprise to me too.

Yesterday Ali and I go grocery shopping and when we come back the potty is out (forgotten) and the child BEELINES. It was hilarious, she carried it all around the house sitting on it every few feet. And putting her dolls, cups, Elmo inside. So we let her have it. And, somehow, we have begun (as, in started…and may not continue) potty training. Our seventeen month old.

To be fair, rumer has it that both Tony and myself were potty trained early, like 18 months. But, let’s be honest, we can’t very well verify these claims. No offense parents.

Ali totally understands the concept and tries so hard (pushing, etc.) that she gets frustrated and cries. She has yet to go. She was running around diaper-less this morning though….and peed on her baby doll! It was rather hilarious, she dropped in on the floor (the doll) and then just let it go. Now she says pee-pee bay-bee, so they’re going to be associated for quite awhile.

If you have kids, when did they potty train? How successful were your attempts?

One thought on “Can we really be potty training?

  1. As you know, we just potty-trained Shayla before Adrah was born, but started right before she was two. She started off then really well, but lost all interest, so we didn’t push. then it became somewhat necessary, so we put her in underwear because pull-ups just seemed like diapers to her, and she’s had like four to five accidents in three months. m that would be awesome if ali trained so early!

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