Miss Mischief.

This is last weekend, after returning home from our Thanksgiving "trip."

Ali had managed to crawl onto the kitchen table and decided she wanted to play with finger paints. Which, by the way, didn’t close once you had opened them. They just had sealed foil stuff like a cup of applesauce does. Anyway, of course her canvas of choice (besides herself) was my schoolbooks. Thank god it was washable paint! In the bottom picutre she is probably saying "Nah, nah, nah." Meaning No, no, no. Which she has said about every time she sees the kitchen table since.

I should have known she was playing too quietly.

One thought on “Miss Mischief.

  1. I love that you got pictures of it so much! I was hoping you did. I can’t believe she did that…so hilarious to anyone not having to deal with it/clean it up.

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