Funny story.

This afternoon we were out for a little walk. Ali is walking between Tony and I and bend down to grab something but doesn’t. she makes a YUCK noise and continues on. Which is totally somethig she’s been taught, to discourage her from picking up trash and whatever else a toddler would grab if left to her own devices. Only, this time it was not trash. It was a DOLLAR. And behind it a few feet, was another dollar and another! Three bucks! Not bad.

So I went and got a latte and Ali got a juice box.

2 thoughts on “Funny story.

  1. Haha, the “yuck” noise. One time I found a fifty dollar bill when I was at work! Although I had to turn it in and wait for a month for someone to claim it, I still got it in the end, so it was awesome.

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