As previously mentioned, Ali had her first dental appointment recently and I feared she had a cavity. She does. Quite a big, obvious one. Right at the gum line of one of her top teeth. Not a front one, but next to it. Total breastfeeding all night for wayyyyy too many months cavity.

We had to schedule an appointment with a specialist in the PDX area. The office told us it was January but when we got home Tony noticed the papaer said December. Today we called to reschedule (it was the 18th and we don’t want to be making two trips since we’re headed that way for Christmas) and the term "hospital visit" was used. So she has a consult at the end of January and the actual procedure will be a "hospital visit." So scary.

And I can’t even handle watching her throw up!

One thought on “Cavity.

  1. hospital visit kinda scary they will prolly knock her out for the procedure.. every thing will be fine though no worries
    — loves

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