The ultimate Costco run.

Oh my. Today was one of  "those days."

As any loyal readers know, we’ve been home for awhile. For the first time in a LONG while. We tend to hit Costco up whenever we’re at my parents’ but the last time was early October so it’d been over a month. We talked last week about going up to Warrenton to stock up this week and decided Wednesday was probably the best day. Then a storm came through.

Monday night the wind howled and continued to through the morning. Ali and I were headed to Tillamook to go to MOPS but I was somewhat hesitant. We went and it was fine. Wind, rain, struggly car, and all. So when Tony said [yesterday, Tuesday] that we should see if it was still stroming I didn’t think much of it. This morning it was raining but no wind and he said tomorrow, Thursday, was supposed to be nicer. Which, in his mind, meant we should wait and go tomorrow. But I heard, today we’ll be stuck in the house, tomorrow we could venture out for a walk or something so we should go to the store (it’s just driving, and "indoor" activity, right?) today while the weather is bad. Ha!

Had we decided to venture out at the beginning of the storm it would have been one thing. But on the tail end you are then dealing with FLOODING.

It’s just over an hour drive. While Ali normally naps at noon we timed it so she could have kind of a split nap, hoping she’d nap the majority of both ways, so we left a bit before 10am. It rained, Ali eventually fell asleep. I started to get car sick. South of Seaside (like 2/3 to 3/4 of the way there) we can to an area where water was standing on the road and crew had just arrived. Perhaps to close it or deal with it we really didn’t know. We headed on.

Had a great time. Stopped at Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Ross. It’s so fun just to even look when you’re NEVER at stoes like these. Ali gets so, SO excited because her two favorite characters, Elmo and Dora, are EVERYWHERE. Then we drove to Astoria and had lunch at Pig’n Pancake. And then Costco. We really didn’t even need that much, just our Costco "staples:"

  • 12 oz. cans of V-8
  • Salmon burgers
  • Chicken breasts
  • Pizza shells
  • Almond butter (which I haven’t found the last two times and will be crushed if they stopped carrying)
  • Soup (?)
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels

Actually I left the list at home. Which is classic me. But that was what we needed, though really, do you ever leave Costco with ONLY what you came for? It was the dwindling TP supply that lit a fire under me in the first place, btw. Which, sidenote, why can’t I just walk across the street and buy and small and grossly overpriced package there?!?! Why does my brain not work that way?

Then we come home. It’s about 1:30pm. Ali is tired and falls asleep immediately. we get to Seaside. The road (highway 101) is closed to low vehicles. Which, in a Hyundai Elantra, is us. We didn’t even wait to see the water before turning around. Tony gets on his phone and starts GPSing another route. We take off. 

It’s not long before we’re in the mountains (the only detour is a looooooong one) with no cell reception. He gets out a map. I have no idea where we went, but I know there was a long period of timewhere we weren’t even headed in the direction of home, not sure exactly where we were and worried that, at any moment, water was going to force us to turn around. After about two hours we finally reached an area we were familiar with (up by Jewell for anyone familiar with the area) and knew we were about an hour from home. This was 3:30pm, about when Ali woke up.

Also, pretty much this whole time it’s all I can do not to barf. I get car sick so very easily and these particular roads are brutal. I can do alright when Ali is asleep but if she’s awake it’s all I can do to turn back to hand her a snack. And Tony is concentrating on driving and it’s POURING and there’s standing water all over these quickly darkening, very curvy roads.

Ali did so great. I gave her some crackers and what little water she had left (we had a Costco load of food but nothing to drink but V-8 in the trunk). When she started fussing I put Elmo on my phone and gave it to her. While trying not to barf myself I pondered whether she could get carsick. She had barfed once before in the car. Also while watching something on my phone but it was only a few minutes after eating McDonald’s so we more thought it was due to too much [not-good] food. I thought two things. First, she’d tell me if she didn’t feel good, right? Like, cry or whine or something. Second, probably her brain or eyes or whatever is responsible for the peripheral vision wasn’t developed enough. Basically, she’s not old enough to get carsick, right? She’s still a BABY!

Finally we’re on 47 and so close to 101 just hoping, hoping, there’s no water blocking us. I turn around and Ali has a HUGE barf. (All over my new iPhone, btw). I say, "She just barfed." Tony pulls over and gets out while I grab napkins out of the glove compartment. I turn around and she her barfing more. I lose it and start SOBBING. I have no idea why, except that seeing Ali be sick was like the saddestthing ever. Sadder than her burning her hand. Especially because it was basically all my fault…

Of course, me bawling uncontrollably does not help the situation and Ali is further scared but I can’t stop and thank God for Tony. It’s another 20-25 minutes to home during which Ali is appalled as the barf all over her (seriously, where did the girl put that much?) but, for the most part, calm. We got home a bit before 5pm.

It was a long, long day.

3 thoughts on “The ultimate Costco run.

  1. Well, well, poor little Ali inherited the super sensitive motion sickness gene from both sides of her parents, just like her left-handed prowess.
    Don’t feel badly, if she was carsick, the best thing ever is to have a big barf. Not for the rest of the people in the car but for the sick one.
    It all goes back to our evolution. If something makes you feel queasy then you barf, because when we were evolving (without cars) it would have been bad food, and the best thing is to get rid of it.
    In the meantime, we’ll get that girl a pair of armbands and don’t give her things to read in the car. Keep her looking out the windows, which will get easier as she gets bigger.
    The whole story reminds me of the day that we drove around Sonoma County to show my sister Mary the coast and she got sick, I got sick and David got sick. I think Bill and Tony were the only ones that saw any scenery.
    I’m glad to her that you are home safe and sound.

  2. Such a sad ending to your trip! Ack, I haven’t even seen Shayla barf, considering the first time it ever happened was when I’d just brought Adriah home from the hospital and she was staying at Joel’s parents’. That sucks about getting stuck with all the flooding. When I saw it on TV I was totally thinking about you guys and wondering if it was effecting you or your commute to school at all.

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