Betting on a lefty.


Ali has been very into the coloring lately. And she’s still a total lefty! Which makes me happy. Despite being inconveniant at times, I think there’s something very special about lefties- especially left-handed women! Other than that I’m swamped with trying to stay ahead on my schoolwork and plan what the next year holds. Looking at universities and where we’d have to move for me to attend one. Also, that pesky summer wedding is approaching sooner than I’d like to admit. And there’s Christmas stuff in the stores. Is it the holidays already?!?

Storms too! Which are exciting and kind of cozy. As long as the power stays on. Unfortunately something super obnoxious is going on with the house next door (the new one) that it makes horrendous noise when the wind blows. Keeps me up at night and I have to figure out what to do….

2 thoughts on “Betting on a lefty.

  1. YAY FOR LEFTIES!!!! 🙂 … also i think its crazy theres christmas stuff everytwhere already!! it seems like each year it sneaks up faster and faster!!!

  2. FYI: I’m totally going to become a loyal reader. You are a born blogger, so I love that you have a grown up one, now.

    Also, w00t left-handedness. 🙂

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