Ah, I think I have it. I think the whole COUNTRY has it. Ready to be done with the ads and waste fillnig our P.O. box!

Yesterday was Halloween. Duh. It was fun and we’re having a continuation of it today with a community carnival this evening. We went to a harvest party at a nearby church last night and Ali (who already tends toward the shy) was TERRIFIED of a guy dressed as a gecko. She spent the whole night with one eye on him and started fervently saying "bye-bye" any time he got too close for comfort. It was hilarious and sad.

I really should be working on the speech I need to give Monday. Especially since I don’t yet have a topic. Sorry the blog is suffering as I’m engaged elsewhere…

Running on the beach Wednesday.

Hanging out at St. Mary’s, a new favorite "play area" on Thursday.

Friday, in costume, stuck in the drawer!

After I took her "curlers" out.

One thought on “Electionitis?

  1. Love….l.o.v.e the sweet baby girl!
    I TOTALLY agrree about the ads. Uggg. Even the ones I’m voting for are annoying!!! Makes me want to scream. Yea for Tuesday!
    Love you and miss you all.

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