We have been getting into the holiday spirit. Starting with Halloween. Yesterday we carved the pumpkins we got at the Roloff Farm. Ali surprised us both by wanting nothing to do with the process, though we we’re prepared to let her get and gucky and gooky as she wanted. But no, she wouldn’t get near it and gave a "yech" noise whenever it was suggested she might like to.

That was about as close as she came. Though she is enjoying the pumpkin seeds we (well, Tony) roasted. And she’s not the only one. Below are mine and Ali’s pumpkin’s (not sure that’s grammatically corect). Mine is on the right, the wailing one. Her’s is Elmo….I think? 

This afternoon there was a Halloween carnival at the North County Recreation District in Nehalem. And Ali needed a costume. Now, we’ve been looking for a few weeks. Most fervently when we were in Seattle last weekend. But nothing. Early in the month I/we thought we’d find something better or cheaper or whatever at a later date. And then those costumes, the passed up ones, began looking pretty spectacular.

We thought we’d at least find something at Fred Meyers. They had one, yes ONE, costume that was Ali’s size. A witch. Not what we were going for. We really wanted either a barnyard animal, preferrably a lamb, a lion, or a dinosaur. My favorite thing about allthe little kids’ ones like these were that they were super warm. Buit, nothing. We went to a few places in Wheeler and three thrift stores (keep in mind, we have no Goodwill or Value Village. We have small thrift stores that are few and far between). Finally, we decided to just find something we had.

One something we had is a tiger costume that was my cousins. Super cute, super warm and….pretty big. Like, 3T and Ali wears mostly 12m but still some 6-12m and 9m! She’ll be 16 months in a few days. The girl is just tiny clothes-wise. Then, this morning it came to me.

At one of the thrift stores Ali latched onto this tiny doll that we ended up buying for her. She loves it and named it Ralphie (pronounced "Ra-fa"). Seriously, that’s what she named it. Anyway, we decided to dress her in PJs and slippers, put "curlers" in her hair and carry her baby and be a mommy. We tried to find her a robe but ended up buying a way too big nightshirt that look like a nightgown. And she was adorable.

If not a bit scared of all the noise at first. Tony dressed as an old timey reporter and I…..refused. Lol. It was a small little carnival, with a lot of kids and a LOT of noise. Ali had a real good time though and was going crazy from either sugar or excitement. I think we’re going to be going to another event on Halloween and one the next night as well. I guess the season is here.

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  1. Haha, I love the costume! Also, what is with the kids naming dolls weird things? Shayla has names for all of her animals/dolls…her alligator’s name is Jorje, her horse is Henri (the H is silent, apparently), a scarecrow is Peewee…seriously, what?

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