October 9th, 1984.

That would be the day I was born. Meaning tomorrow is my birthday. And I will be twenty-four. No longer in the "early twenties." As I’ve been saying, I will officially be a "twenty-something."

Also tomorrow we are leaving. AGAIN! In the morning we are going to the Roloff Farm (seen often on the TV show Little People, Big World) and they’re pumpkin patch. SO EXCITED! I have seen every episode of this show and love their family. Even if I don’t get to see any of the Roloffs, seeing the farm should be just as good.

Then we are heading on to my parents’ where we will be until Saturday night. Now, I’ve only known of this plan for about a day, so it must have been a bit of a surprise. Which I think was spoiled by us having to go to Seattle last weekend and, YES, next weekend. We are heading up north again next Friday, until Tuesday of so.

And after that? After that we’re STAYING HOME until Thanksgiving. Maybe longer. We’re really going to need massive amounts of down time.

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