September is over.

Can that be right? This month definitely flew by. Though I have a feeling October will fly even faster!

So, I started school last week and that is keeping me very busy. For the first time if my life and I not procrastinating and am actually about a week ahead anywhere I can be. Know that we’re going to be out-of-town to weekends in October has really lit a fire under me. But I am enjoying it so much! I haven’t taken math since high school and, while sometimes tedious and difficult to see as applicable to "real" life, I love being able to just solve a problem and be done with it. It’s so different that the social science classes I tend to find myself in.

I’m also taking a Computer Scince course which, thus far, is very, very, interesting and enlightening. It’s just stuff I take so for granted and I think Tony is getting a kick out of the class too. He never took one but have extensive knowledge from the field so…yeah. I don’t know, he’ll have to add how he feels about it.

The other class I’m taking is Speech 111 and that’s the one at TBCC. It’s….interesting. I don’t really have a problem with doing speeches so I’m lucky to have a large weight of my shoulders to that regard. Ultimately it’s a pretty good load that seems like it will work pretty well. After this term I’ll have all the credits and requirements I need to get an Associates of General Studies. But, I still will need 18 more credits to establish "residency" at PCC. Thus, graduating in the Spring.

Anyway, unless I decide to boycott dishes and laundry it will probably be the blog that suffers the most. SoI apologize ahead of time to all you loyal readers. I’ll try to get a post up now andthen but know you’re much more likely to see just photos or a video. But please stick around and keep coming back!

Edit: Also, I think I fixed the must-see pictures here!

One thought on “September is over.

  1. Ali’s hair is getting so long and curly!!! I LOVE IT!!

    — also on a nother nore, I am really enjoying my Math class also! Although i agree with you it really doesnt apply to real life but its still fun to have something to work on and get your mind running!

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