The end of so many eras.

School, for me, starts Monday. I’m taking 12 credits, two classes online and one in Tillamook on Monday nights. I’m sure this will be quite a shock to the system. Mine and ours. Unfortunately I don’t even have a financial aid award yet and am stuck in the system for 3-4 more weeks. Which will make purchasing books a bit of a challenge (I need three that are $94, $88, and $75) but hopefully not cause any kinks otherwise. Hopefully.

So, with that on the horizon I have been trying to fit in what I’m sure will have to give as the time crunches. TV. Excessive internet. Lounging. Getting 8+ hours of sleep. Etc. It just sucks that all the fall shows are going to come back just as our life speeds up.

We are going to my parents’ tomorrow. We’re driving first down to Newberg to pick Trista up and take her home for the first time since she left for college about a month ago. We’re going to leave at naptime (noon) and come home Sunday morning probably. That’s a really short stay for us, but I’m so hesitant to mess up Ali’s routine when it’s working so well. Also, I want to be home and settled Sunday for the craziness that will be the beginning of the week. Also also, the Emmys are on Sunday night and I cannot handle watching anything of importance without the DVR.

Lastly, it’s Fall now. With only Alyssa home (and between a very difficult school schedule and soccer five nights a week she’s got no free time) and both my parents working there’s not much reason to hang around into the work week anymore. Kind of sad.

Monday night will be the first time I’m not home for Ali’s bedtime EVER! It’s definitely bittersweet. As much as it’s a step toward freedom it’s also the end of an era.

I’m so excited to see Ali see Adriah. She’s seen a few newborns in the last couple of months and has had varying reactions, but the last two times she was very intrigued. Even more so, I cannot wait to see Shayla as a big sister and hear about her meeting Adriah. I’m just so ecstatic for the Edge family! Well, if Cynthia would ever change her name 😉

Somehow Ali’s wake-up time has crept forward in the past two weeks from seven-fifteenish to anywhere from six-thirty to six forty-five. In turn, I am exhausted by 8pm, in bed by then or maybe 9pm (to eat ice cream and watch TV of course!) and asleep by ten-thirty, eleven at the very latest.  It’s a far cry from when I found mayself staying up until midnight waiting for her to wake, or sleeping fifteen minutes and then being up until past 1am.

So, there is a lot going on. Really it’s a lot to be excited about but in the days or hours before I always find myself apprehensive.

2 thoughts on “The end of so many eras.

  1. So to all of you who read this I need old pictures of when we were all really young! I need pics of all the cusions and their parents way back in the day! I was rumaging through Moms pictures and found a ton of really good ones and am going to make something for the family christmas party! Send it either through email…( This includes pictures from now to with your kids and everything! I will be taking pics from your guy’s blogs to make the timeline complete! Thank you all Hannah

  2. Oh Ashley. We’r ein the same boat! It’a hard to give up the end of things even if we can pacify ourselves with something new. SUPER hard. I love you and I’ll be praying for you all during this time of transition.
    Tell Cynthia and her family congrats! There is nothing like a new baby.
    Love you.

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