We recently applied for a scholarship to the Tillamook YMCA and today found out that we were approved for a six month membership at $26 a month! This is so, so exciting. Esspecially with the long, grey days ahead of us. Suddenly this winter seems like it will be full (if all goes well I will be taking a full load of 12 credits this year and graduating with an Associates degree in the spring) and FUN. Just knowing there is somewhere we can go to let off some steam, swim, EXERCISE!, and even get childcare?!?! I am basically over the moon.

Of course, the fact that it is 25 minutes away will definitely limit our access. I’m hoping we’ll be able to make it a few times a week and hoping to sign up for a class- maybe Water Babbies with Ali since she basically is one.

Today though, the weather is perfect. Not a cloud in the sky and Iowa just beat Iowa State for the first time in years! Pics to come of aborable Ali enjoying the game.

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