Proud momma.

It seems the older Ali gets the more proud I, also, get. As her actions have become more deliberate, so has pride become more appropriate. I said recently that I was the most proud I’ve ever been when Ali slept in her crib all night. Which, btw, she is still doing! Well, today may have topped even that.

This morning was our first MOPS meeting. Which means is was Ali’s first experience with MOPPETS. Basically childcare, provided while the moms meet. Ali has been away from us very few times, once of twice with my mom and sisters (not successful if I remember right), and the same with Tony’s mom but these were all months and months ago. Also she’s been in the church nursery a handful of times but only for twenty-thirty minutes.

I went to drop her off a few minutes before 9am. She was in with the babies up to 18months. There were, like, four workers. Two of whom were reaching their arms out to take her from me. She shakes her head "No" and clings. Then I kneel down and point out an Elmo train. She is off and I leave.

I don’t come back until past 11am.

Then very, very, very, strongly discourage any checking on the kids.

They let them cry from 10-15 minutes before coming to get you. Which, yes, is great and exactly the right thing to do- for most every kid and Ali maybe even especially. This entire process is so very monumental and necessary. Still.


When I picked her up there was chaos outside and kids trying to escape tothier parents and caretakers standing around, some bouncing baby babies. And then there was Ali standing in the middle of it all in wonderment. And she was so happy to see me.

She was abolutely covered in graham cracker so I’m pretty sure that’s what they had for a snack. And I asked one of the ladies how she did and she said really well. I said she’s never been away anything like that and she seemed surprised and said that then she did very well. A couple tears but each times was easily distracted. Maybe they just said that to make me feel good? I don’t know but I was so proud of Ali.

Even more, she then dealt with a trip to the grocery store until noon (normally snack and pre-nap time) and though she fell asleep at 12pm almost on the dot, she woke when I got home and then went back to sleep in her crib for another hour.

I just wish I could she everything she did. Who she played with, how she interacted and reacted. Tony and I are already planning how we can nanny-cam my diaper bag some week. It’s like all of a sudden she has a social life we don’t know about!

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