It was sunny today!

Yay yay! I feel like we at least got one last hurrah at the beach if the weather worsens from here. In fact I’m sick of tracking sand into the house right after I swept and vaccumed (or even if I haven’t!). I may not have said this before in my life – EVER -but I’m about ready for fall! 

Anyway, though it was a bit breezy, to say the least, we spent a good two hours playing at the beach today (not in the ocean though- too cold for that) and I spent an hour reading on the sand during Ali’s nap. I got a lot of sun and am happily bronzed! Except for the raccoon eyes, white because I am lost w/o my sunglasses even on cloudy days. Bascially I’m kind of a freak of nature now but whatever.

Do you see how her hair is curling up at the ends? I’m so excited about it!

Yeah, it was windy…

…and Ali thought this was a fun, fun game.

She was just rolling in the sand, kind of like a puppy.

4 thoughts on “It was sunny today!

  1. Oh my goodness, cutest sandy baby ever. I can’t believe she didn’t get it in her eyes…or at least to the extent that it bothered her.

  2. Cynthia already said everything I was going to say. Ali obviously has perfected the sand-rolling techniques! Such an adorable little sand monster. Also yay for you guys getting to enjoy the last days of sand playing.

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