The whole night!

Ali stayed in her crib the whole night. From 7pm to about 7:30am. Now, she did not sleep through the night, she woke up crying many times (thus, neither did we sleep through the night) but each time put herself back to sleep. And this morning she seems like such a happy little camper. I think this could be the most proud of her I’ve ever been.

What this also means: NO NURSING ALL NIGHT. Yesterday and the day before I’ve drastically cut down on her nursing. Tuesday she nursed in the morning as usual (I drift in and out of sleep and she bops around her room playing/wrecking havoc and comes back to snuggle with me and nurse multiple times), then again at 11am, then at noon before her nap. Then, not until bedtime. And she slept in her crib until 5:15am, at which point me and my aching boobs crawled into bed with her. Yesterday, she nursed only in the morning, before nap, and at bed.

I’ve been struggling with the weaning issue for awhile. Some days I’m really over breastfeeding a toddler (especially with her demanding milk via baby sign hourly of more) others I’m not ready to give up my baby. This feels like a very good compromise. I can’t wait for tomorrow night!

Also, starting in a few weeks I’ll be taking a classe a Tillamook Bay Community College Monday nights from 5:30-9:20. Add on driving and I’ll be gone about 5pm-10pm. This newest development makes me feel much better.

Lastly, while not running yet, this child is very cautiously walking around the entire house. She getting big so fast!

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  1. Yay for Ali sleeping in her crib! Before you know it, you guys will all be actually sleeping through the entire night! Shayla is now being potty-trained and is wearing “big girl pants” all day now with only two accidents thus far (in the four days I’ve been implementing the wearing of them) so yay for new developments, too! What class are you taking? So long!

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