The financial aid process is so long and disheartening. Ugh and ugh.

We returned last night from 3-4 days at my parents’. During which we were quite busy. Looking very much forward to staying put for awhile. Even if that’s only a couple of weeks.

Here are a few photos from the days before we left:

On our way home we stopped to play at Magnolia Park in Hillsboro. It was a great way to blow off some steam and ensure a sleepy girl the whole way home.

2 thoughts on “Frustrated.

  1. Um, HECK YEAH to that weather! Charles and I did end up getting to go to Florence and Yachats on Monday and the weather was perfect. Sunny and not even windy at all. So nice! It made us totally jealous that you guys get to walk a little ways and have it at your feet.

    Also- so good to see you guys while you were in Gladstone! Thanks again for doing the shower and of course it ended up lasting hours… how do we always manage to do that? Definitely a sign that we don’t see enough of each other. Ali is so precious and it’s so cute to see her little personality developing. She is such a smart girl. My mom thinks she’s absolutely adorable.

    I hope to see you guys again after Adriah’s born!

  2. OMG ali’s hair is getting so long!! and i love the first picture of her and tony on the beach. — oh and i hate the financial aid process too! i actually got denied because they didnt have funds left….frusterating….

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