Some of what we’ve been up to.

Hmmm, that’s a good question. We’ve been home for a week and two days now. We’re leaving again, probably Friday. Really it’s all starting to blur…

  • The weather has been basically extraordinary. Probably a reason for my lack of blogging. There have been a couple grey and rainy days mixed in, which is okay because it allows appreciation for the days that aren’t.
  • Ah yes, I remember. Early last week we were all sick. Well, had a cold.Ali seriously JUST got rid of her runny nose. It was her first really bad one and, geez! I can’t wait until she’s old enough to just blow the thing already.
  • We’ve been going to the beach a lot. Once a day whenever it’s nice. Usually wading in the ocean and once even swimming. And boogie boarding. Which was so, so, so fun! I hadn’t really swam in the ocean in like eight or so years and it used to be all I wanted to do when we stayed out here. I love it.
  • But, I tweaked my knee boogie boarding. I tore my ACL when I was 14 playing basketball and had reconstructive surgery placing a chunk of my hamstring in place of the shredded knee ligament. It’s really never been the same and gave me a lot of problems when I played sports in high school. It hasn’t bothered me since, but I’ve never been extremely active. So, that was Saturday and it seems to be getting more swollen by the day (weird). I can walk and function and everything, just have a limited range of motion and limp a little. Definitely something I’m a bit worried about.
  • Trista is leaving for college tomorrow! She is just going about thirty minutes south to Newberg, OR to attend George Fox University. Last Saturday she came out to have a last hurrah with us until Monday morning. I know it’s the end of an era, and we will miss being able to see her so much.
  • Friday night we attended a MOPS carnival in Tillamook. I registered for the upcoming year and am looking forward to meeting other moms and for Ali to be able to socialize with other kids. Also, while the moms meet childcare is provided so I hope it will be a good place to work on non-parental caretakers. Maybe the outcome of this will be….oh, I don’t know, a night or even a meal where it’s just the two of us?!?!
  • Okay, I’m drawing a blank, so onto some pictures:

On one of the colder days…she looks so BIG!

I love crying pictures.

So sweet with baby buns.

On Saturday we found this extension to her Elmo house for $3. Complete with ballpit! Shall be great to whip out on the weeks when the rain doesn’t stop.

So cute in the sand.

Fun new game with daddy.

Pure, pure, pure joy!

Ali loves Trista.

  • If you are so inclined, there are more pictures here and here.
  • I can’t believe the kids are already heading back to school! The end of summer is so sad. Which is why I’m glad our summer will last as long as the weather does. And the light. Boo to it getting dark at 8pm.
  • Oh yeah, Ali has been sleeping WONDERFULLY lately. Like, the last four or so days. She’s been crying when we put her in her crib (usually asleep from nursing but then she wakes) but falling asleep ON HER OWN. And, surprise surprise, she sleeps nearly twice as long this way. The night before last she slept from 8pm to 12:30am. Perhaps her longest ever. I am still sleeping in the bed in her room for part of the night though. We’ll get there I guess. Also, the last few days have been one-nap days. And it’s been a LONG nap (like 1-1.5 hrs) which she has never been into. For months she’s been doing two thirtyish minute naps. This is so, so much better. Especially when I can just set her down and if she cries, she cries. Today she went down just before noon (cried on and off for 30 minutes at least) and then slept until like 1:45pm. I had time to actually DO something. Ah, it’s amazing. I so hope this lasts, this is a routine I can deal with.

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