Doesn’t feel like blogging.

Hmmm. Status update much? If you don’t understand that then you really should enter the social networking arenta where the rest of the world (or at least my generation) plays 24/7.

We are all sick here. With some nasty cold that is hardest on Ali since she can’t take any meds for her stuffy nose and therefore can barely sleep. It’s exhausting.

We came home from my parents’ Monday night and I don’t think it’s stopped raining since. Which is okay. Because I’d rather be under the weather and housebound when it’s nasty out. And it’s cold too. Cold, cold, wear sweatshirts and slippers and turn on the heater cold. Or maybe that’s just us being sick?

Anyway, I have a ton to blog about but it’s expansiveness is overwhelming me.

We’re going back to the valley in just over a week.

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