Friday Harbor.

So we’ve been back well over a week now. But this just never happend. And now it seems kind of distant, so I’m just going to narrarate some pictures. Thank you Billie for a lovely week up in the San Juan Islands!

This is Ali wating for the ferry in Anacortes. We left in the evening and drove to Seattle. Got there about 12:30am and slept at Billie’s house. Then got up in the morning, left about 7:30am to catch the 11am ferry (it’s about a two hour drive). Got in line and everything. Ferry was delayed almost an hour. Ali did well though and we made it and surprised Billie!

The crowd at the last softball game.

Ali playing with her new friends Jade(right) and Coral(left).

Ali playing on the beach just down from our apartment.


Projecting Sesame Street.

We were a family of crabs forthe annual Invertebrate Ball.

If you haven’t taken a look at the numerous other pictures yet. Hoping to get a quicky update in today, assuming Ali goes down for an afternoon nap soon. This evening we are going to Manzanita to see/have dinner with my Grandma and my Uncle Don’s family. And we seen to be spending 9pm-9am in bed lately trying, trying, trying to get some sleep. ANY SLEEP!

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