A quick rundown.

Last night. Bed just before nine (had napped from 4-5pm). Tried warm milk again, this time sans rice cereal. She spit it out but kept coming back for more (to spit out). Messy but maybe improvement? Laid her down sleepy but not at all asleep and then stayed in the room as she dozed off. No talking and minimal touching. Was ten or so minutes.

She woke at 9:45, just as both Tony and I were rolling over to go to sleep (we’re so tired!). I put her back down quickly. Woke again at 11:30 and Tony put her back down. Woke again at 12:45am. I think I must have been asleep by then so it was one of those zombie situations. She slept from 1-4(again!). Woke at four and was harder to put down that time, had to stand by the crib for awhile. I want to just walk away and let her cry but this always seems easier.

Then she woke soemtime in the hour of 5am and Tony went up. He was up for a long time and maybe they fell asleep together or maybe she went down and he worked. All I know is later, probably quarter to seven he brought her down, gave her to me, and got into bed. We all slept an hour and now her and I are up.

I don’t think we can do this that much longer.

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