Ali woke up at 11:30 for the SIXTH time since going to sleep at 7:30pm. I decided to try giving her some warm [cow’s] milk tonight with a bit of rice cereal in it. Nothing. She got one taste and then spit it out and wouldn’t open her mouth again. Her typical reaction to the milk I’ve been trying to get her to drink since she turned one.

She is now screaming and has been awake for 30 minutes now. A lot of time she falls asleep and lays down with no problem, sometimes she needs her back rubbed or something for awhile, but other times you CAN NOT LEAVE. She will "sleep" until touch ceases and then stir, open her eyes, stare quizzically, and scream. It’s easier to just stay. For five, ten, thirty minutes. But it defeats the purpose. I’m so sick of spending what it supposed to be my OFF THE CLOCK time standing over a crib.

Ugh, so frustrating. I don’t know what we’re going to do. Right now we just keep trying different things. I’m trying to nurse less when she wakes up and other than that? What? Why would a baby (kid?) need to wake up six times in four hours? Of course that it not normal, even for her, but she NEVER sleeps more than three or so hours. And there’s only so much energy. Like, between Tony and I. We’ve been going to bed 1-2 hours later than normal lately, just dealing with all the wake-ups. Making it only that much harder to summon the strength to get her back to bed in the middle of the night. Last night was much like this where after some time she wouldn’t fall back asleep and I just took her to our bed. It was miserable that way too.

This was much easier just to kind of ignore and get in bed with her. Much easier.

I get to the point where I don’t mindmuch if she wants to scream ’til she’s hoarse in there. She has to wear herself out eventually right? But somehow that seems cruel. And also someone else usually steps in at that point…

Also, it’s 12:15am and she’s still not sleeping.

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  1. Supernanny would tell you to just let her scream! If that’s one thing I’ve gotten from all the episodes I’ve watched, it’s that. If you know nothing’s wrong with her and she doesn’t need anything, you shouldn’t have to feel guilty, even though I’m sure it’s a heart wrenching sound. Eventually she’ll get that you’re not going to come in… right?

  2. This is really a tiring and exhausting problem. When my kids did this, I could never just let them cry. I remember that frustrated and helpless feeling, so repeat to yourself “This is just another stage that she is going through now”. It might help it seem less permanent.
    One thing that will help your situation is to REALLY tire her out and to be sure that she is full when she goes to sleep. Tiring her out will mean tiring yourself out, so expect to fall asleep after she does for several nights.
    Maybe try eating dinner around 6:00PM, then take her to the beach for an hour and let her play while you read a magazine. The beach is the best thing for tiring out babies. Let her play in the sand for an hour or two, even if it is cold. Let her play all by herself so that she is using all of her muscles. Then take her home and give her a warm bath and put her to sleep. Sometimes music played will keep her from hearing noises, which probably is what is causing her to awake fully all the time.
    When she starts walking, take her for a walk, but be sure that she walks the whole time.
    This is the only thing that worked with my kids, but it was always better in the summertime when I could take them outside and let them wear themselves out.
    Good luck!!
    Love to you all!!

  3. to go along with billie’s suggestion with the music.. a white noise machine might work wonders to block out un-needed sound.

  4. Thank you all. Billie, we are trying the music tonight (John Mayer to be specific) and even if it does nothing for her it sure makes me feel more relaxed! The noise thing makes a lot of sense, especially with all the traffic this time of year and so close to her window.

    Also, just a note on last night. After waking up at 11:30pm she didn’t fall asleep until ONE! Tony and I followed and we all slept until 4am. At which point I was stoked thinking I’d put her down and we’d have made it through the night, or at least the furthest we ever had (our previous in-crib “record” was 4:30am a few nights ago).

    No such luck, she wouldn’t go down unless I stood there and kept a hand on her and there comes a point when I just refuse to do that. I walked away and went back to bed (to lay, not sleep with her screaming like a banshee) at 4:25am. Mere minutes later Tony got up and got her back to sleep and then stayed upstairs (working? I don’t know).

    I couldn’t fall back asleep until 5:15am or so and she woke up again 15-30 minutes later but I didn’t wake enough to comprehend what was going on until Tony was already in there and he got her back to sleep and then I think came back to bed.

    Everyone was asleep until 6:45am when she awoke again. I took her into the bed in her room. We slept just an hour or so more. Tony slept in ’til nine-thirty (which I did the day before!).

    So that’s…what? NINE awakenings in one night? And two hour plus stretches of not going back to sleep in there. That is UGH if anything is.

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