So we’ve been home…

…a week and a half now? And we’re leaving tomorrow. Was going to be today but some things came up and now it’s tomorrow. Going to Portland. Well, Gladstone. Premise is my getting a wisdom tooth pulled. For which I am so, so, so excited as it’s been bothering me for like a year or something. And it’s going to be covered by insurance which at the last minutes was in question as I got a noticei n the mail Saturday saying our dental had been downgraded to emergencies only. Couldn’t do anything about it until Monday. Appt. was Wednesday and had been on the books for FOUR MONTHS. That’s a long wait. It was a hassle but looks at the moment as if everything is going to work out.

So we leave earlyish tomorrow and are staying until Saturday or Sunday…or Monday, whatever. We’ll see. Don’t think we ever even got fully caught up. Whatever than even means.

Rocking out with her new toy.

Before her check-up last week.

Ali did great with the shots. Didn’t really seem to phase her a bit. She’s teething though, back ones I guess (since she has all the others) and that has been hard on her. Cranky and crying through the ngiht and knawing on practically her whole hand. Hopefully that ends with a quickness.

Last Friday night we went to a Relay For Life event at the local high school. On Saturday we went to a craft fair in Nehalem and then out to lunch for Tony’s and I "anniversary" which was the day before. Two years since our first date. Also my parents…twenty-seventh? wedding anniversary so happy anniversary to them! Weekends are so fun here in the summer, there’s so much to do. Or, maybe just SOMETHING to do, which feels like a lot after the winter.

Ali at the restaurant.

And before bed.

We’ve also been playing a lot of Wii. Well, almost exclusively Wii Fit. Because we promised to return in to Jordan when we go back to town. Sad. It will definitely be missed. But we are so, so, so grateful for the loan. I’ve seriously seen such a difference all over fromthe strength exercises and yoga I’ve been doing. I’m now down SEVENTY pounds from my pregnancy peak (which was 214-yikes!). Anyone looking to buy us a present in the upcoming months, hint hint.

Some time when we finished feeding the seagulls.

And the last few are from today. More here.

Been having a lot of falls lately.

And having moments of "acting" babyish.

Tickle monster!

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