The fourth of July.

Just blogging about the trip is making me tired at this point.

The fourth we woke up at like 6am because we wanted to leave around seven. Above is what Ali looked like before we had to wake her. Basically a birthday hangover. I have no pics of her outfit in it’s entirity but the plaid fabric is a little skort (skirt-shorts combo for those of you not up on your little girls’ fashion) with a tiny polka dot tank and a big, pink, polka dot bow. She was adorable as adorable could be. The tank you’ll see much of later.

The memorial service was for Tony’s Great Uncle Dan, Grandma Swalla’s older brother. He passed away in December, in California where he lived. Though I never got to meet him, he sounded like a great man. There was a mass held in his honor (my first Catholic service and it was kind of nerve-racking). The one that started at 8am. Ali did so well. She was a little antsy and just wanted to talk and sign. We kept tryingtoput the pacy in her mouth but after the fast everyone seemed to love she was making noise. I guess her tiny joy was keeping with Uncle Dan’s spirit.

From the service we went to the graveyard to bury the ashes and then back to the church to plant a tree in his memory , followed by a brunch. Somehow we didn’t take many pictures. Probably we were too busy meeting/catching up with so many people. Ali and I got to meet so many Swallas (or former Swallas), everyone nice as can be. There weren’t many "kids" there, meaning Tony and I’s generation of younger which waskind of disappointing. Also disappointing was Susie and Steve sneaking out without saying goodbye! I’ve only been asking Tony for about ever if you guyswere going to come because I was so looking forward to seeing the Wolfe family again.

After the brunch Ali was so, so exhausted so we drive over to Mary’s house. Ali napped inside while Tony and I sat out in the sun, enjoying so peace and quiet. Then Mary and Billie came home! Haha, I kid. Eventually Ali woke up and played around. Their land (farm?) is so, so beautiful. We ate fresh raspberries and showed Ali chickens and ducks in the pond right off their deck. And then there was inside!

Mary and Steve are so obviously experienced grandparents (besides Ella and Joey, they have Kate who is two or three and we didn’t get to meet), they have a whole set-up that Ali just loved. And Elmo chair, numerous riding toys, a piano thing, and all sorts of noise makers. Add to that FIVE people paying attention to just her and Ali was pretty much in heaven. But, backing up, when Ali first woke up Steve (Mary’s husband if I didn’t mention that) put some water in this bird bath for her to play in and then began snapping pictures. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Finally we had to leave. We were headed to Hyperion were The Carrolls were (and had been since, like, 9am). First we had to stop at Target to get baby bug spray and some of this new-fangled spray on sunscreen we’d been seeing. Then we went back to the house and packed some (I think Ali had needed a nap and immediately fell asleep but woke in the Target parking lot) because our flight left the next morning about 6:20am.

The afternoon and evening was spent out by the pool. The sun was kind of spotty by the time we got there, Ali was cranky, and we were hungry. Around four the buffet opened, then we swam a little, then Ali napped a little. Later we swam again, until about 7:30pm and it was so awesome. I love warm nights. Love them love them. they are pretty rare in the Puget Sound area and basically non-existant here. It was one thing I have always missed about the Portland area. Anyway, after swimming we changed and went back for more food. Then the bingo began! Which was fun and Karen even won. And itwas good prizes too, like $100-$400(!). But if more than one person won you had to split it.

Finally, about quarter to ten the firework show started. I seriously thought Ali would have already been asleep so never thought about what she’d think. But she was awake! At first she looked pretty scared and was covering into Tony as they lay on a lawn chair. But then she started kind of babbling and yelling. And by the end she was clapping! It was so, so cute and we were so proud of her. Becuase this was no driveway firework show. This one was intense and it was loud.

Trying to get her to nap amidst the chaos was fun. Eventually she did though.

This last pic is her wiped out when we got home. Which was around ten-thirty or so. A lot of planning had to go inotthings such as the outfit she was wearing. After swimming she wore it (needed to be warm enough for the night air), then slept in it, then we just put her right into the car seat in the "morning" (we had toleave the house by 4:30am!) and she flew in it too. While she slept we packed everything else up. I went to bed eleven or eleven-thirty but I don’t know when Tony did. I do know we were up before 4am!

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